Staging for the Holidays?

Staging for the Holidays?

December 9, 2008 | Barbara's Blog


Potential buyers who are taking the time to look at homes during this time of the year are serious buyers otherwise they would be spending their time preparing for the holidays. Set the stage so potential buyers can imagine themselves celebrating future holiday seasons in this home, packing gifts in the living room, baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen, or decorating the tree. Create pockets of emotion that will tug a buyers heart and make your property memorized and very appealing.

ChristmastreeKeep in mind is that it is the holiday season, you cannot ignore it. A staged house with no festive touches may seem unreal for potential buyers who expect that a home will have some decorations for the holidays. If a home doesn’t have any signs of the holiday season when it’s being shown, it can be hard for people to imagine themselves living and celebrating future holidays in it.

This can be one of the most effective times to stage and sell a home, because festive staging techniques can create quite an impact on potential buyers so go ahead and deck the halls. Please keep in mind moderation, the goal is to sell the house, not the Christmas Decoration!

In addition, I suggest start marketing as soon as you know you are ready to sell. Tell your friends, neighbors & coworkers that your property is going on the market soon. When they come over for your holiday party, have your home neatly staged so they can further act as marketing agents.


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