Windows with Style and Energy

Windows with Style and Energy

March 8, 2009 | Barbara's Blog

By Jennie Scott, Decorating Consultant personal interiors

I am often asked what to do with window treatments. My answer is “Ask not what you can do for your window treatment, but what canBy Jennie Scott, Decorating Consultant personal interiors your window treatment do for you?” These days, windows need to be energy efficient as well as elegant. Various treatments can make a room cooler in summer, warmer in winter, make ceilings look taller and small windows look bigger.

For a room that is too hot, try shades or drapes with blackout lining. This lining darkens a room so well that you can show movies in the middle of the day! For a room that gets cold in winter, floor-length drapes with lining and interlining will layer a window much like we wear a sweater and a coat.

I see many rooms with tall ceilings, yet the window treatments are hung too low. To draw the eye up to the top, mount the rod or board just under the crown molding. This applies to both valances and draperies.

Some windows are just too small compared to the wall space around them. To make them look bigger, hang full-length drapes so they cover the wall and just the outside molding, leaving the glass open. The extra width of fabric will create the illusion that the window is twice the size.

Texture and pattern play important roles in a window treatment. Blinds and shutters create horizontal lines. Fabrics can create a nubby texture like linen, or a bold statement such as a large floral. These textures not only make the windows a focal point, but help set the tone of the whole room.

For resale, simple treatments in neutral tones with great textures call attention to windows against a painted wall. Try paper shades that look like woven woods from that filter light and still provide privacy. Clean and open any existing shutters or blinds to let more light into your rooms. Pull down more traditional treatments like swags and floral draperies and replace them with simple linen panels in a longer length. These panels can always be moved to the next home and shortened to the new windows.

Window NapkinsFor a punch of color in the kitchen, set the table and coordinate the window with a valance made of matching napkins. Perhaps it is because there are so many choices when it comes to windows that many of us have such a hard time deciding what to do. A professional window treatment expert can measure, design and choose the correct fabric Window masterfor energy efficiency and style. Napkins folded on the diagonal, gathered and draped over a rod, provide an inexpensive valance for a kitchen window.

Paper shades from Target and ready-made panels from Wal-Mart filter light and help create the Zen-like feeling in this master bedroom.

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