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When talking to a client about “Staging for Selling” in the Metro Atlanta area, this information posted by my staging colleague Linda Pufford is valuable to use.


Via Linda D. Pufford, ASPM, Marin County Home Stager (Stage with Divine Style – Home Staging):

When your home goes on the market you want it to be the best looking product for the best price, because you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

With 87% of today’s savvy buyers searching on the internet to find a home you will want your photos to look great and stand out.  You want your home to be:




According to the statistics on Stagedhomes.com 94.8 percent of ASP/ASPM Staged homes sell on average in 37 days or less versus 182 days on market for non-staged homes.

So if you are listing and selling your home in today’s market you want to stand out so your home will sell faster and for more money!

How does selling your home faster translate into $$$ and time to you?  Do you want your home to set there or move quickly?

Staging your home is always less than your first price reduction.  A 300k house at a 5% price reduction would be 15k a 10% price reduction would be 30k.  Stage your home to get the best first impression. 


Stage with Divine Style is here to help you make a lasting impression!  So let our Creative Team help your home to look:




Detail your home (your largest investment) like you would detail your car if you were selling it.  If you want your home to Shine and Sell, detail now with Stage with Divine Style.  Call us at 877.267.4649.  We are dedicated to making your life easier and assisting you in realizing your dreams.

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