Surprise your Clients by Creating Memories

Surprise your Clients by Creating Memories

May 25, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Little things can have a big impact and it can be done in different ways. Starting with small things, like a written Thank You card to bigger once like volunteering with your customer at his/her preferred
charity event. There are lots of ways to create an emotional bond.

Something imbedded into your way of doing business, staying true to your values and what you as a person stand for. I always try to listen closely, ask some open questions to learn more about my customers, there likings and preferences, something they are passionate about, something which might make them laugh, something they simply enjoy.

The same holds true with my friends. I keep a like/love list and surprise them with something they have said or mentioned one time and surprise them at a time when it is not expected (I am awful with birthdays). Showing appreciation can be done in so many ways and it makes your customerFeelings
feel special…

This little wonderful short video is a great example, it touched my

Please CLICK on the link below and ENJOY!

Watch “The Simple Truths of Service” movie

I would LOVE to hear from you and your way of creating “Special Memories” for your clients….


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