Candles: Tips to Add Style on a Budget

Candles: Tips to Add Style on a Budget

July 15, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Candles are trendy and are also a terrific staging tool. Why? Because you can create a decorative candle creation for almost any room and season. They come in so many colors, shapes and styles and are adding style while staying on a budget.

1. Color depend on your aspirations and your rooms features: Warmer or cooler vibrations of the various colors will create a different feel to choose one that achieves the effect you desire.

Orange: Brightens a room and brings in joy and enthusiasm

Blue: Calm, cool color that creates feelings of peace, particularly in the bedroom

White: the color of purity, protection and comfort

Green: a harmonizing color allowing for balance and a soothing atmosphere.

2. Be careful with scented candles: When using candles as a decorative item for selling a property, make sure to select one that isn’t scented. Not everyone has the same taste and it can backfire, if a potetnial buyer does not like it.

3.  Size and Number: Candle can be an complementary item for your fireplace, or a central item on your dining table. According to the importance you would like to give the arrangement chose a bigger or a smaller size. As for the numbers, we prefer odd-numberes, 1 or 3 or 5 or 7…

4. Shape: Neutral or Crazy?: You have a huge variety of shapes. Keep neutral for big pieces and try to be original for small. Adapt it to the annual events,  Flowers for Spring and Summer, Pumpkin for Halloween  or even in shapes to remind of the specific Holiday season…

5. Give style to your candles: 

Minimalistic: A trio of candles on a plate of stones

Chic: Different glass candle holders grouped together

Relaxing: Place lighted candles in a sitting room

Outdoor feeling: Place your candles as lanterns

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