Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different

September 22, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Fall is springing up all around! People are flocking to stores. It’s time to bring out the decorations. Summer gives way to fall and people begin to purchase napkins, bowls and plates inspired by multi-colored leaves that symbolize the change in seasons. Yes, fall is quickly approaching!

 As I was shopping, I overheard a couple debating their seasonal purchase. The wife approached the checkout counter with two beautiful fall-colored wreaths. It had all the fixings. Shades of brown, red and burnt orange lined the circular rim. At the head of the wreath lay a big red ribbon layered and tied around the top. As the couple went to check out, the husband took a look at the price tag. The husband jokingly stated, “For $14 each I will rake up some leaves from the front yard and make you a wreath myself and you can give me the cash.”  The wife smiled as she said, “But your wreath wouldn’t look as great as these do.”

I smiled silently as I reflected on their conversation. They both had great points. But I rooted slightly more for the husband’s point of view. How great would it be to decorate your house with hand-crafted items? Something you can both showcase and brag about. 


Photo by: Crafty’s Cuppa Coffee

Dare to be crafty this season. Take the time to hand-craft one of the fall wreaths in your home this year. It will make a great accent to your front door and give you bragging rights. Not to mention the bonus of recycling! Take some of the leaves raked up from the yard. Your yard has many of the supplies you will need. Collect some sticks, pinecones, dried flowers and vines as well. Get creative.

Make it as elaborate or simplistic as you would like. Use items from nature or accents such as dried leaves from a craft store.  If you have children, get your children involved as well! Children enjoy arts and crafts. It’s a great way to bond with your family while decorating your home. Dare to have a unique wreath this season. Dare to be different.


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