Design in History: Napkin folding

Design in History: Napkin folding

September 6, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

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The folded napkin can have an elaborate placement on the table as a folded origami type or in a simple placement beside the dinner plates with a simple napkin ring. Whatever the preference, the napkin will always be an eye-catching addition to your table setting.

Napkin folding found its origins centuries ago. The Middle Age set a standard for table setting and manner as they became a major concern to people, particularly the royalty, especially with the invention of the fork in the 1600s. This period in time is also a benchmark for when folding napkins became a highly sought after art form. This art allowed the homeowner to display their pride, time and dedication to their homes overall appearance.

Japan had been greatly accredited with the introduction of origami, which is an intricate style of paper folding that can also be applied to napkins. Origami was largely an unwritten art form and was passed down through the generations orally. It was during the 19th Century that this art form was popularized and used for decoration for in-home dining presentations.

Below are a few examples of napkin folding that have given the table arrangements a simple elegance to the dining presentation. A bit of advice: it is best to starch or iron your napkins before folding, it make the assembly easier and a neater finished product.

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