Help – How to Manage Contacts?

Help – How to Manage Contacts?

September 5, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

King & QueenNetworking is King and I am trying to be a Queen of Networking, but all the greatest Networking does not show results if there isn’t a process in place of how to follow up.

Since weeks I am contemplating if I should invest in a Contact Management Tool. When there is a Question there will be an answer; 2 weeks ago I received an invitation to a FREE Contact Management Seminar and it helped me to move forward…

As a Designer and Home Stager I am a creative person and admit, that certain admin work is not what I love to do. However an even stronger dislike are Time Vampires and that is why I believe in key processes for my business.Time Vampire

Will you admit to this Time Vampire? Going to Networking events, make some good connections and not following up? By doing that, we are waisting time and the better solution will be to relax on the sofa and read a good book.

5 Key Learning’s:

  1. Manage all your contacts in one place
  2. Input your contact at a regular basis 24-48 hours after
  3. Calenderize your time, put Contact management on your To-do list
  4. Categorize your contacts in a simple way (i.e prospects, clients, referral partners, leads)
  5. Do NOT INVEST in a Contact Management Tool, USE what you HAVE.

I will use my Outlook Contact Manager, I already have copied them and will start to develop my Contact Strategy Plan Phase 1 next week.


99% is not about having the right tool. It is about having the right process in Place and ACT.

Thank you Terry Arrington with Contacts are Gold, this was a great FREE Seminar with Key Learnings



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