Your House Is Your Canvas

Your House Is Your Canvas

September 10, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Have you ever found yourself entranced by a beautiful painting? Something about that particular art form stands out enough to capture your attention.  It may be the color, the image or even an abstract interpretation that draws you near. You find yourself pondering the inspiration for every color, stroke and pattern. It is no mistake, but rather preference that drives the mind.

I find myself fostering interpretation. What is it that you want to say? Each piece poses a unique meaning. From brush to canvas, an artist’s message transpires. But that brush flows deeper than its surface, it speaks volumes. Like a candle glistening in the distance, each brush stroke sheds insight into the heart of an artist. Each and every detail is carefully assembled. Stroke, after stroke, after stroke is made until finally, the canvas transitions from obscure detail to complete masterpiece.  At last, sitting there on that canvas is not only a work of art but also a glimpse into the artist’s style and unique personality.

Like a blank canvas, a house is fashioned in much the same way. Your home is your artistic outlet. It is your opportunity to let your style and personality shine.  Elements of a room are gathered piece by piece by piece until it is complete. Whether you want to create a sense of history accenting your house with precious antiques or a more modern approach using eclectic furnishes, you can! Find your inspiration. Find your message, take your brush and use your style to personify with interior design!

Paintings add  great vocal points in a home. It is important to have a main focal point so that the room does not seem too plain or too overwhelming.

Too many focal points can be distracting, especially when you want certain pieces to stand out. Instead, find a few great pieces and feature them in different rooms.

After you have found your focal point, find a few great colors and pieces that complement the room without taking the attention off of your main attraction. It doesn’t take much to go from ordinary to extraordinary. But whatever you do, don’t leave your canvas blank!

Barbara Heil-Sonneck found her personal style and passion as an artist through painting and interior design. She is inspired by the European style and is a firm believer of “Less is more”. Throughout her professional experience, she continues to provide solid home staging and interior designing consultation to help clients find their inspiration using a combination of the client’s input and her expertise. Design2Sell offers quality home staging and design services to help clients move in the right direction at an affordable rate.

Design2Sell offers Home Staging & Design Services in the Metro Atlanta area.

Barbara Heil-Sonneck has been featured in several publications. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Home Improvement Magazine, Radio Shows and has just been selected to be one of 8 Designers showcasing their work at the 2010 Atlanta Homeshow…

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