Lucy Ricardo. Comedian. Housewife. Designer.

Lucy Ricardo. Comedian. Housewife. Designer.

October 4, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Lucy and Ricky on the set of "I Love Lucy"

Is anyone else a fan of Lucille Ball? This legendary leading lady was a master comedian and in her most popular role, as Lucy Ricardo, she was an amateur designer.  Viewers tuned in to find Lucy frequently disgusted by her small apartment’s décor. In typical Lucy fashion she always found a way to re-design her home by the end of the episode.

In season three, Lucy traded in her old furniture (that she won in a home show contest the previous season) as a down payment for a new couch, coffee table, and chair. In the name of design she purchased the pieces without the consent of her husband, Ricky, and hid them in the tiny kitchen of their apartment in hopes that he would not find out about her extravagant purchase. As usual he found out, but in the end she was able to keep the furniture and had a beautiful new room.

Later, in the same season, Lucy decides that her landlords and best friends, Ethel and Fred Mertz, need an interior design intervention. She organizes a painting party and the famous foursome paint the living room and attempt to reupholster the Mertz’s furniture. This venture did not work out as planned, the furniture was ruined, and Lucy was forced to give her new couch and chair to her friends.

In spite of this set back she lived to design again and used her lack of living room furniture as an excuse to purchase yet another couch and two chairs.

Take a page from the book of the queen of comedy and re-design your home this fall. The changes you make to your home don’t have to be as expensive as new furniture. Paint a wall in your living room or bed room an accent color. Change out throw pillows with different ones in rich fall tones, covered in faux fur or silk fabric. Replace outdated lamps and ceiling fixtures with modern ones. The options are endless and small changes can make a big difference in the look of your home.

Your home is the stage where you live your life. Design the set of your life for your own private sitcom and let the show begin! Make Lucy proud.

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