Make-up is a Must: The Road From House to Home

Make-up is a Must: The Road From House to Home

October 14, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

People always say “Natural beauty is better than a face full of make-up.”  Sure, that may sound great in theory when we are talking about women, but that is not so genius when we are looking at a house. I agree that too much can diminish the appeal. However, make-up is a great way to naturally enhance one’s look.

As women, we feel a little more confident when we get dolled up. We enjoy shopping for just the right outfit for that special occasion. Before we leave the house we have to check the mirror numerous times. A trip to the bathroom mirror… a trip to the bedroom mirror…. and a pit- stop in the rear view mirror just before we drive off. These are all essential to perfecting our look.  In order to look our best, we run through a mental check-list. Outfit? Check. Shoes? Check. Accessories? Check.  Hair? Check. Make-up? Check. Each item must be checked off the list before we exit that door. Well, unless we do not have the time to make the transformation to flawlessness. In this case, we find ourselves a little more self-conscious throughout the night. It is at this point that I find myself wishing I had just taken the extra time.

Ladies, if you can relate to the preparation it takes and the confidence you feel after taking the time to style your hair, accessorize your outfit and put on a little make-up then you understand the difference between a house still sitting on the market and a house that has just been sold! Gentlemen, if you have ever had to stare at the clock or twiddle your thumbs as you remind your wife of the time, you can relate as well. Sure, it takes her a couple minutes (maybe even hours) more to get ready. But, once you see the finished product, it was worth the entire wait.

Treat your house or property the way you wish to step out for a formal evening. We desire to look our best, especially on upscale occasions. In this same way, people want to buy properties at their highest potential. Let your property do all the talking. Listed below are some beauty secrets to keep in mind when your house is on the market:

  • Dress to impress: The outfit is perhaps one of the first to capture ones eye. Pick out a few great couches, tables, chairs, rugs… you know, all the clothing basics!
  • Accessorize: An outfit is never complete without jewelry- In this case lamps, drapes, center pieces, flowers. You get the picture!
  • Apply Make-up: A confident face is enhanced with just the right touch of make-up. The key is to look natural without going overboard- In this case Sherwin Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore etc. should do the trick!
  • Grooming is essential: On special occasions, we make sure our hair is styled and our nails/toes are trimmed /painted. And let’s not forget about the eyebrows! They must be plucked! – In this case, get your weeds plucked and your hedges trimmed. Ensure that your grass is painted a nice shade of green. The upkeep of the yard is perhaps the most important element to seal the deal on first impressions.

  • ConsultAHomePro: We recognize that many of the essential beauty secrets require the help of a professional. Luckily, Design2sell is partnered with a group of professionals that specialize in every possible area of your home. So when you think Design2Sell, think interior design. When it comes to the rest think ConsultAHomePro.

Go the extra mile to gain value on your property. The minor details make a world of difference in the long run! Turn your average house into a stunning home… add a little make-up!

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