Green Acres Re-Design

Green Acres Re-Design

November 18, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Green Acres Oliver and Lisa Douglas moved from Manhattan to Hooterville in 1965. The couple went from a penthouse apartment in the city to a shack on a farm called Green Acres, but they did it with style. Lisa (Eva Gabor) brought a little bit of Manhattan to the pairs rundown dwelling on the farm. It took skill for this fictional socialite to take her home from shack to chic, but she did it with flair and many contemporary homeowners can follow suit.

The market is tough and it isn’t as easy as it once was to sell a home. Many home owners are turning to interior design to make their home new again instead of selling and “moving up” into a bigger home. Don’t despair if you won’t be able to move out of your “starter home” as soon as you anticipated. Just because you don’t live in your dream home right now does not mean that you can’t turn your current home into your dream home—through design.

Make the best of what you have and uncover hidden potential in your home. If Lisa Douglas can create a cozy and fashionable home with a cow named Eleanor peeking through the window and a pig named Arnold in the living room–then you too can re-design your home into a space that you will love. When the transformation is complete you may want to stay a while.

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