Design2Sell Experience

Design2Sell Experience

December 18, 2010 | Barbara's Blog

Hello All!

My name is Jessica and for the past six months I have interned with Design2Sell. I am a senior at Kennesaw State University and when I realized I could intern for class credit I jumped at the opportunity. As a marketing major, I consider my course of study to be one of the “more fun” business majors. I hoped to find an internship that incorporated marketing concepts but also re-confirmed that marketing is interesting and even enjoyable. I confidently pat myself on the back for finding such a great opportunity.

Many of you are familiar with the Design2Sell blog and may have read some of my articles. I am the creator of “The College Reporter,” which was an idea that came to light when trying to find a topic to write about. Inspirations for those articles were conversations with fellow college students or just a normal day studying in campus housing. When I approached Barbara with the topic, she confirmed the idea and suggested creating a recurring concept, thus “The College Reporter” was born.

Some of my other articles include several historical pieces. As a European history minor I have always had a love for history, so the idea of combining history, design and writing were fabulous for me. I found that writing the historical articles introduced me once again to the love on writing I once had but became buried under the stress of school work.  While writing I also remembered that some individuals may not find history as entertaining as I do, so I tried to incorporate a little humor into my articles for readers to get the historical concept but read an amusing blog along the way.

I can say that my first memorable experience with Barbara was my first shopping trip for a staging project. As a your average female I LOVE to shop, so this “inventory assessment” was just about the coolest thing I could image an intern could do. From there my experiences with Barbara have grown. Each and every staging project taught me tons of little tips and tricks to improve the design of a room, so much that my little college dorm is very trendy and Design2Sell approved. My greatest thanks that I could give Barbara are for allowing me to take charge of projects and creative support when completing assignments. She can also take credit for introducing me to three lovely ladies who were fellow interns and the support team at Design2Sell.

Next semester I will be in the process of completing my last semester at Kennesaw State before graduation in May. I have also done my part to spread the word at my school about my internship experience and what a value it will be to my degree and continuing education in the workforce. My time at Design2Sell was just about the best internship experience I have heard among my peers and much of that thanks goes to Barbara Heil-Sonneck. Thanks Barbara and I can’t wait for the “Next Cool Thing” in 2011!

Written Articles Include: Bathroom Staging-Puppy Perspective, All College Reporter Articles, My Kitchen, My Masterpiece, The Victorian Era- Fashion, Dating & Furniture, Historical Design-The Regency Era, Design in History- Napkin Folding

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