Design “Then and Now” at THE NEXT COOL THING

Design “Then and Now” at THE NEXT COOL THING

February 17, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

As you may or may not know the industry event, THE NEXT COOL THING, has been postponed until Friday, January 21, and will continue until Sunday, January 23.

Among the exhibits of the delayed event is the “Gone with the Wind” space that will feature both a historical and modern interpretation of the antebellum home from the from the film. As guests anticipate the opening of the exhibit many have asked what decor from each time period will be used in the Twelve Oaks Plantation inspired environment.

Interior design trends during the 1860s, the time when the movie “Gone with the Wind” was set, were much different than they are now. In honor of the special movie event let’s look at a few differences between design “then and now”.

-Beautifully curved and hand carved wood legs on chairs, settees, and other upholstered furniture has been replaced by straight and sturdy stainless steel.

-Draperies that were once elaborately draped, swaged, and full of tassels and embellishments are now remarkably simple. Metal grommets and clean lines are now seen in many fashionable homes. Contemporary window treatments are still made out of beautiful silks and other luxurious fabrics, but now simplicity is the name of the game.

-In the 1860s dining rooms took up around one fourth of the downstairs floor plan . Today, many homes are built with little or no dining space and modern dining tables rarely seat more than six people comfortably.

Witness the difference between design “then and now” at the “Gone with the Wind” exhibit at THE NEXT COOL THING. For more information and to purchase tickets visit

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