Staging Small Bedrooms

Staging Small Bedrooms

February 23, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Small Bedroom Small spaces, especially small bedrooms, can be challenging to stage for sale. Contemporary buyers want lots of space. Staging a home is all about maximizing the space in every room, making it appear larger, and designing it in a way that will appeal to the majority of buyers. Simple things like de-cluttering and cleaning help make a small bedroom look larger, but there are many other tricks that can fool the eye and make the room feel bigger.

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and its size and placement are important. A king size bed should be replaced by a queen or full size bed (possibly even a twin bed if staging a children’s room) to create more space. Place the bed in the center of the first wall that is visible when entering into the room. The bed is the focal point of the room and should be the first thing that a potential buyer sees when he or she enters the room. Dress the bed with fresh linens, a neutral duvet cover or comforter, and add colorful accents such as throw pillows.

Remove any unnecessary furniture. Bulky dressers, vanities or any other piece that takes up precious “real estate” should be placed in storage or moved into another room. Night tables and a small chair tucked into a corner may be all the furniture needed in many small bedrooms. Remember that the buyer only needs to see how the room is used and does not need to see all the pieces that could potentially fill the room. Make sure that buyers have enough room to walk around the space and that nothing blocks the “flow” of traffic.

Don’t forget the power of a well lit room. Include bedside table lamps or floor lamps to add much needed light to the space. Keep curtains and blinds open so that the room is bathed in natural light.

Add a few well placed accessories and wall art to create a finished look.

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