Going Green: The Bathroom

Going Green: The Bathroom

March 7, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Your bathroom is a great place to begin going green! Changing this area can help you cut back on water, energy use, sewage, and greenhouse gas production. Read on for 5 tips on how to create a green bathroom!

•Get a low-flush toilet. Toilets are the single largest use of water inside our homes. An older model can use up to 5 times as much water as modern versions.Installing low-flow fixtures save energy and water. These modern fixtures promise comfort, style, and performance.

•Update the shower. Showers are notorious for wasting water in the home. Install low-flow showerheads. There are plenty of stylish models that are easy to install.

•Ditch the tank. Get a tankless water heater. Using a tankless water heater saves energy, water, and reduces carbon emissions. This change greatly reduces the heating time for hot water and gives you more space in the area where a traditional hot water tank would be.

•Choose lighting sources wisely. Using compact florescent bulbs are a great way to go. Also, natural lighting sources such as skylights are an added plus.

•Remodeling. If you are doing some remodeling in your bathroom, consider using materials that are recycled or come from renewable resources.

Staging Tips: Adding recycled elements to a bathroom is a good way to go green. Explore the many accents that are made from recycled materials. In lived in homes, it’s a good idea to use no VOC (volatile organic compounds) shower liners. These liners do not emit toxic plastic smelling fumes like regular shower liners do. People who are conscious of green elements in a home are sure to pick up on this.

Have more tips and tricks on going green? Post your ideas and comments!

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