5 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

5 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

May 19, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Make this spring greener by making a few changes to your kitchen. The kitchen area can use large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals. By trying these 5 easy suggestions you can be on your way to saving money and the environment.

1. Clean green. Non-toxic and organic household cleaners are safe alternatives to the harmful chemicals under most of our sinks.

2. Use Energy Saving Appliances. Energy Star Appliances are a great way to save water, energy, and your hard earned dollars.

3. Use compact florescent or LED lighting. These types of lights use up to 25% less electricity than standard bulbs.

4. Re-purpose and recycle. Don’t be afraid to rinse and re-use bags and plastic containers. You may be surprised to see what can be turned into unique storage.

5. Install an aerating faucet attachment. These attachments are an easy install solution to saving water. By aerating the water, you are saving gallons of water, energy, and maximizing water pressure for those tough cleaning jobs.

Green Staging Tips for the Kitchen

• Try using re-claimed wood and metal furniture for eating areas.

• Optimize natural light.

•Use organic, linen or bamboo accents.


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