Just for Fun, Let’s Take a Look Back in Time….Kitchens of the 1950’s!

Just for Fun, Let’s Take a Look Back in Time….Kitchens of the 1950’s!

June 27, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

The idea of built-in kitchens developed in the mid 1940’s, and by the 1950’s began to appear in American homes.


These kitchens featured steel and enamel cabinets with crisp lines and contrasting curves. The curved chrome handles were easy to grip.

Lower cabinets were toped with bright colored Formica counters with steel edges.

Also, bright in color were vinyl tiles that covered floors.

As the 50’s progress,  so did kitchen colors.  Turquoise, flamingo pink, and lemon yellow became very popular.

Often, the appliances matched the cabinet color.

Many kitchens had 4″ ceramic tile counters.

Families gathered around tubular chrome tables with matching vinyl chairs.

Along with the enamel and steel cabinets, wood cabinets were popular.

Other iconic 50’s features included drop soffits, venetian blinds and open corner cabinet with display shelves.

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