Even Sarah Jessica Parker does it

Even Sarah Jessica Parker does it

September 15, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Everybody knows them, everybody has them: that favorite shirt which doesn’t fit anymore, the once loved chair which now stands alone in a dark corner. They are unused space blockers, probably dusted and stored.

Now it’s time to dredge these items up and to present them in a different light. Be it in combination with other troublemakers, your absolute favorite objects or for a completely new function. Unlimited creativity and inventive talent are in demand, when it comes to breathing new life into old pieces.


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Dining Room   Mis-matched Chair Design     Old Chair Backs as Coat Hangers

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Photo BY William Waldron           BY   BY


               Shirt Pillows                                  Teacup Pendant                               Bath Tub Sofa

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             Timber Hooks                  Book Rack made of Old Tables                     Bookshelf

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BY     BY        BY                       

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