Your Home Looks Great But Smells Funky!

Your Home Looks Great But Smells Funky!

October 21, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Everyone falls victim to the “stinky house syndrome” sometimes. You walk in the front door and you can’t help but saying “What is that smell?!” It is important when you try and sell your home you stage for the eyes and nose! Design2Sell knows the importance of a fully staged home. It goes beyond what looks good and feels good, it must smell good too!

Here are a few tips from

1. Bake fresh bread or cookies!

2. Simmer cinnamon sticks with apple slices or orange peels in water on the stove

3. burn scented candles (be careful of leaving flames unattended)

4. Febreeze!

5. put out bowls with sponges that have vanilla extract poured on them (hide these from view!)

6. Sprinkle carpet deodorizer on your carpets, leave them, and then vacuum

7. Dried eucalyptus in arrangements smells great and can look pretty too

8. burn incense

9. use plug-in fresheners (hide these too!)

10. spray your favorite perfume on an UNLIT lightbulb0the heat will warm them up and the scent will spread

11. put out dishes of dried rosemary and lavender or in sachets in closets 

12. use the fridge boxes of baking soda to absorb bad smells (hide these as well!)

and lastly…

13. Open your windows up and let the fresh air in! There is nothing better than some fresh air to make a home smell great.


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