Who Doesn’t Belong At Your Open House

Who Doesn’t Belong At Your Open House

November 7, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Spike and Fluffy may be adorable and well mannered, but they could sabotage your well staged home. Design2Sell can transform your home into a sellable jewel, but dogs and cats aren’t part of the design plan. Leaving pets out during an open house or showing can kill a sale. Here’s one story from Debra Gould  

When I was trying to sell my home on Salt Spring Island, I staged it beautifully. I didn’t worry about my cat Gracey because she was outside exploring the forest on my acre of land. When the agent showed my home, she left the front door open. In came Gracey with a bird to play with.

When I came home after the showing, I found a trail of feathers leading from my front door to one of the bedrooms. Mysteriously the bird was nowhere to be found and there was no blood on my otherwise freshly shampooed and vacuumed carpet. The agent called hours later to apologize for leaving the door open and to let me know that the bird was somewhere in the house as Gracey had let him go before killing it.

I eventually found the terrified sparrow and after some recovery it flew out. With all the excitement, the potential buyer never did make an offer. That agent also never showed my home again!

Now you ask, “What can I do to prevent this mishap?” 

Best case scenario: Ship off your pooch or kitty to friends, family, or a kennel

If you can’t live without your pet here are some other tips from Elizabeth Weintraub on

Do not put photos online showing your cat asleep on the bed

Seal up doggie doors

Put away food and water bowls when not in use

Vacuum religiously, every day, sometimes twice a day

Pick up pet toys and put them away

Pack up cat trees and other signs of cat paraphernalia (you know who you are)

Remove photos of pets from refrigerator, walls and table tops

Pack up all cages, carriers and other tell-tale signs 


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