If Your Home Is On The Market During The Holidays…

If Your Home Is On The Market During The Holidays…

December 17, 2011 | Barbara's Blog

Design2Sell knows that you can’t always control when your house is going to be on the market. The holidays are a busy time and with so much going on, you can forget that you’re still trying to sell your house!

Keep these things in mind as you celebrate the holidays and have friends and family over this season.

1. Try and keep dirty shoes off of new or freshly cleaned carpets. If it’s unavoidable, invest in inexpensive rugs and runners to cover high traffic areas and keep those carpets clean for potential buyers!

2. If the decorating bug has bitten you, try and keep your decorations simple and beautiful. Use one color scheme or theme so decorations look cohesive. This will help potential buyers not be overwhelmed by your holiday decorations!

3. Remember to take out your trash! It sounds easy, but garbage can pile up fast during the holidays. Children are home from school and your home fills up with guests, and you end up accumulating a lot more trash than usual. Smelly garbage never appeals to potential buyers!

4. If your children are home from school, have them help you tidy the messes they make around the house. 

5. If you have a live Christmas tree, keep it watered and healthy looking. If your tree doesn’t look taken care of, potential buyers may think your home isn’t taken care of either.

Likewise, if you have a menorah for Chanukah, keep it wax free and clean!


We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your home festive for the holidays but still staged right for potential buyers!


Happy Holidays from Design2Sell!

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