Classic Entryway

Classic Entryway

February 8, 2012 | Barbara's Blog

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Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Driving through an ancient, yet well-preserved neighborhood in any city can really give you a glimpse of history.  The trees are older and taller as they leave vast shadows on the house. So now that that first glance caught your eye, does the entry way beckon you in with a warm welcome.

The entryway to your home is what stirs the passion of onlookers. The path to the door sets the stage. A freshly painted door, shutters, and surrounding trim and clean windows and screens can make a big difference. Consider cleaning or changing out the light fixtures, adding a wreath, plants, and a new welcome mat to draw attention to the space.  The lock, doorknob, and doorbell should glimmer like new. That first walk up to the front door needs to grab the attention of visitors. It’s all about the little details and the big impact those little details will make. 

Staging your entryway to your front door is a must in today’s market. Give your home an added advantage by adding professional staging touches by our expert Barbara Heil-Sonneck. Contact Design2Sell for more details on how to stage your entire home.

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