Art at Work

Art at Work

March 17, 2012 | Barbara's Blog

Art within a home has many jobs.  It is like jewellery to an outfit, dressing up the walls with personality and complimenting the décor of the rooms.  It can help lead the buyer’s eye around the home and if displayed creatively it can make a room stand out and show off a space.  Placing art around the house also assists with establishing a coherent theme and creating balance.

It is important when hanging artwork to consider the color, size and placement.  Make sure when choosing pieces that the color of the work and the frames will give visual impact and compliment the room.

When arranging the work on walls or surfaces, varying patterns and groupings are important to add that extra punch.  Make sure to not overdue it and leave some empty space to create a sense of balance and avoid a cluttered appearance. It is important to think of the art and the furniture it surrounds as a unit helping each other compliment the overall composition of the space.

Large pieces can be hung over a fire place, behind a couch or on a large blank wall.

Medium size works look great together above a headboard.

Small works of art can be placed with single pieces of furniture, on small walls or grouped together with similar frames to cover a larger area.

Artwork definitely fufills it’s role when decorating a house and will help get your home sold.

Photos: Elledecor  Apartmenttherapy  Atlanta Home Magazine


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