Brand Spankin’ New!

Brand Spankin’ New!

June 8, 2012 | Barbara's Blog


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Design2Sell knows the harsh damage the seasons can wreak on your outdoor furniture.  With rain, pollen, humidity and age; mildew, rust and scuffs begin to show.   It is always a great idea, especially after the spring season, to give your outdoor furniture a thorough cleaning.  Here are some great tips on keeping your outdoor oasis looking spic and span…


Always read the Care Guide for your pieces before trying any of these suggestions.



Use a mild soap solution with a damp cloth to wipe down furniture.  If stains and dirt are difficult to get out add some bleach if the care guide allows it. Rinse and voila!


 Vacuum up loose dirt and debris, then clean with water and a mild oil based soap. Rinse and dry. If necessary sand down any loose paint and repaint if needed.

  Metal and Wrought-Iron:

Wipe with a clean damp cloth with a mixture of water and mild soap solution. Rinse and dry. To remove rust or mold, try sanding with a fine- grit sand paper. Wipe clean and apply touch up paint if necessary.


 Use a dry brush and scrub the furniture down. Rinse the furniture to moisten the wood then clean with warm water and a mild soap. Rinse all traces of soap and dry thoroughly. Lastly protect your furniture with a oil specifically for your wood type.


 Coverings that can be machine washed should be cleaned in cold water with bleach free laundry soap. If your items must be hand washed use a ¼ cup of gentle liquid soap and lukewarm water in a large bin. Gently scrub and rinse. Let machine washed/hand washed items air dry.


Some excellent cleaning supplies include:

1.  Clorax 2 Liquid Concentrated Color Safe Bleach-Free & Clear 2. Norton 320 Grit Extra-Fine Sandpaper  3.Tampico Poly Scrub Brush 4. Murphy’s Oil Soap 5. Mr.Clean Magic Erasers.


Keep your outdoor furniture looking brand new!


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(Written by: Kristine Cupid)

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