Staging Tips: Appealing Bathrooms

Staging Tips: Appealing Bathrooms

September 14, 2012 | Barbara's Blog

  Design2Sell knows how bathroom’s, like other rooms, can play a key part in getting your home sold.  When a bathroom is very unappealing potential buyers may only think of dollar signs and the amount of work and time it will take to make it suitable to them. This can cause a buyer to second guess putting in an offer, thus the importance of reviewing your bathrooms potential.


Design2Sell has put together a few key staging tips on staging your bathroom for the market and keeping it appealing.

bathroomRid your Bathroom of Mold & Mildew
Nothing turns a buyer off more than unsightly ceiling mold and the smell of mildew.  To get rid of ceiling mold fill a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach and spay the area. This should clear it up. Now repaint for a fresh clean look.  Remove any items that may breed mildew like damp towels or floor mats.

Stage Showers & Tubs
Make sure tiles and grout are clean and scrubbed down and all personal items are gone. Have a clean and coherent shower curtain. If you have nice tiles or a beautiful tub show those off by having the curtain open.  Maybe add some decorative items such as nice soap bottles and a basket of rolled towels off the side corner of an open tub.

Show those Floors Off
Remove small floor mats to really show off the bathroom floor and give a cleaner appearance.  

Do Away with Clutter

Remove all personal items from sight so the potential buyer can picture their things in that space. Organize and hide away your items in a cabinet or invest in nice looking baskets.

bathroomInvest in a Great Mirror
Mirrors can really add personality, style and drama to the bathroom. They can also make the bathroom look customized.

Great lighting gives you a clean and fresh atmosphere as opposed to dark lighting, where the bathroom can feel enclosed and ominous.  Make sure your fixtures match the aesthetics of the room.

 Bathroom Décorbathroom decor
Matching organizing sets (ie. soap dispensers) always look great on bathroom sink countertops. Also candles, glass jars with shells or cotton balls and small rolled white towels in a basket add a nice touch giving the bathroom that spa feel.

Gender Appeal
In cases where there is no his or her bathroom it is always best to make sure your bathroom appeals to both sexes.  This gives a potential buyer, no matter what gender they are, the opportunity to picture themselves getting ready in the morning.


We Hope these staging tips were helpful.


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