Planting in the fall

Planting in the fall

November 13, 2012 | Barbara's Blog

Did you know that fall is the best time for planting? Despite the falling leaves indicating that plants are shutting down for the winter it is true that the roots are growing more during the fall season than any other time of the year. Fall planted lawns, trees, shrubs and perennials benefit from the warm soil and cooler air temperatures to set up a good start in your landscape. Therefore, by planting in the fall, you are giving those newly planted trees and bush a head start on next year. When spring finally arrives and it is time for new flowers and leaves the plants have already developed a root system to help them grow. You won’t either have to stress about watering the plants when you get help from fall’s natural rainfall. A well planned, beautiful landscape adds value to you home improving the curb appeal which is important when it eventually is time to sell your house.

In late August, September or October start planting all those great plants that provide with great colors late into the season like mums, Montauk daises, asters, cabbage and kale, pansies and violas, ornamental peppers, fall flowering perennials and colorful hardy vines. Fall is also the best time for planting most trees, shrubs, lawns, evergreens, perennials and spring flowering bulbs. They’re called spring bulbs because they bloom in spring, but if you don’t remember to plant them in fall, you’ll miss out on all the beauty they bring when spring arrives!

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