Christmas tree Decoration: Pizzelle Candy Cones

Christmas tree Decoration: Pizzelle Candy Cones

December 18, 2012 | Barbara's Blog

Design2Sell is all about thinking outside the box and as I was searching for unusual Christmas tree decoration I came across this fun idea of hanging treats in your tree. They’re called Pizzelle Candy Cones and here’s how you make them:

Cones: Start off with preparing the cones. You can either use a pizzelle maker for cones or save time with readymade ice-cream cones. Carefully drill two holes on each side of the cone with a wooden skewer. Brush with icing and dip in colorful sugar or other light decoration. Use your imagination. Make sure the cone is entirely dry before slipping the string through the holes.

Fillings: Key is to fill the cones lightly so that they don’t get too heavy. A simple rule of thumb is to use just a few tablespoons of filling for each cone. You can use filling such as almonds, gumdrops, raisins, butterscotch, M2M’s or miniature pillows.

Tips: Tuck paper towel or napkins into cone before filling them up. It keeps them light enough to hang in the tree. You can also use cookie dough for the cones that are to be eaten. These are candy cone trees made of candy and can be served on a plate for your Christmas guests. Visit to get the entire instructions.

You can really use the cones in many creative ways. Can you think about other decorative suggestions? Share your ideas with us and good luck with your holiday preparations!

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By: Emilia Lepisto


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