Design2Sell puts a Modern Twist to an Architectural Gem.

Design2Sell puts a Modern Twist to an Architectural Gem.

June 27, 2013 | Barbara's Blog

frank lloyd wright

Nestled below street level lies a rare beauty the kind that evolves over time like fine wine.   It is known as the Copeland house built by Robert Green former apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright.   An original mid-century modern just as relevant today as it was yesterday.    When I first entered the property its energy warms you like a cozy fire then it releases you to a wall of windows surrounded by a lush landscape of trees … a sea of green.   More than the architecture it is the flow of opposite energies that are balanced in this structure … where there was darkness there was light, linear lines expanded into open spaces that gently guided you in a circular pattern around the open fireplace.   It was the blending of opposites that were our inspiration.  The end result was an eclectic mix of old and new objects that are balanced by texture, color and size.   It is the perfect backdrop for any style even your Queen Anne dining chairs would be perfectly happy here. 

frank lloyd wright

The moment came too soon… it was time to say goodbye.   While a picture says a thousand words no words can describe the experience of being in the space…  If you have the opportunity you must go by and visit 1885 Walthall Drive.  Plop down on the red bench and stay awhile…. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for any living space?

frank lloyd wright  frank lloyd wright


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