Nothing is black or white. Isn’t it ?

Nothing is black or white. Isn’t it ?

August 6, 2013 | Barbara's Blog


Black and white interior design for a house or apartment is becoming more and more important and designers who apply it usually make it work really well. I think this theme has the appeal of something efficient, chic and most of the time elegant. It also allows you to decorate with fewer items as the style is already in the color on the walls.  




Do you think you can like this theme and use it in your own house? Give me your feedbacks I’ll be happy to know what you think.



If you intend to redecorate your house with the black and white theme, I suggest using stark white paint on the walls, to keep the big and bright room effect. Then, to introduce the black, you can use furniture and accessories because, let’s face it, a full black matte interior may seem too much, for some of us. Don’t be afraid to try it! Here are some pictures if you want some inspiration.




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