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Design2Sell has recognized the trend of incorporating mid-century modern design in the past couple of years.  By adding mid-century aspects to a room it gives it a touch of an edge and adds a sense of nostalgia. This can be done in many ways by adding furniture, art, accessories, carts, tableware and patterns.  To do all this we must establish what Mid Century Design is. Design2Sell has put together a basic run through of this important era.  In ode to the era, and the significance of the trend in our present day designs, we will be doing a Mid Century Design series. This blog post series will highlight specific avenues one can use to incorporate the trend in present day design. We will begin the series with an introduction to Mid-century design.

What is Mid Century Design?

Mid-century design is a movement that is described during the mid-20th century through its developments in architecture, interior design, urban and industrial design.   To get a further understanding check out this video that we feel describes it superbly…

(If you are unable to view video follow the link here)

Our series will include posts dedicated to Plants/furniture/vintage accessories/retro art/patterns& texture/Bar Carts/glassware, ceramics, tableware/ lighting all influenced by mid-century modern design that we are inspired by or think would be great to incorporate into today’s interiors.


Post By: Kristine Cupid

Video: YouTube



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