Make your own coffee table

Make your own coffee table

January 9, 2014 | Barbara's Blog

Do you need/want a new coffee table but you want to have something original? If you are clever with your hands and if you know where you can find one or two pallets, you’ll have a lot of success with your guests.

With an industrialist style, that coffee table could be perfect in a loft or a contemporary apartment/house. Also, because it’s wood, it suits perfectly for sharing warm moments with your friend or family, over a hot drink during the winter.

What you need: 1 or 2 pallet(s): it depends of the height you want for your table / A jigsaw / A sander / A tool box / 4 castors

To make your table, follow these steps:

Sand the pallets

Paint it

If you choose to use 2 pallets, fix it together with hinges

Then, fix the castors under the first pallet.

You can also add a glass on it.


I promise, you will have a lot of success, I have the same in my apartment in France and it became the place to be to have an aperitif in Montpellier ! 


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