Trends in Design2Sell Home Staging

Trends in Design2Sell Home Staging

Trends in Design2Sell Home Staging

November 22, 2016 | Barbara's Blog

What are trends? How often do trends change? Which design trends are popular? How do trends affect home staging?

A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Trends go through various phases, beginning with popularity to fading away and then making a strong comeback in another era. This of course includes fashion, music, Interior Design and Home Staging. At Design2Sell the use of design trending is very important for each stage in regards to keeping the room updated, fresh, bold, colorful and fun. These top trends that we practice at Design2Sell and share publicly will surely grant you and your company insight on how and where it can be recycled in a space. The following are our top design trends that entail unique characteristics in each stage.

1.      Animal Prints evoke a barbaric and amusing emotion with the expression of lines and curves in each print. Using an animal print on a chair, ottoman/bench or even an end blanket for the bed brings about a fierce pop of character in any room. Zebra, cheetah, tiger and giraffe prints can be used in spaces such as libraries, bedrooms and living rooms but it is important not to overuse prints from one room to another, animal prints should only be used sparingly for example we may stage a living room with intentions of using a zebra print pillows within the space. Our sofa will be a solid color such as crème, gray or white from there 2 solid pillows such as black or even a blue or red pop of color along with the animal prints can be used on the sofa and in regards to cohesiveness use the same print in a rug and accessories or wall art.

2.      Skin Rugs express a soft, warm and cozy feel. It’s free form, asymmetrical outline shows the distinctive look which gives the space that it is used in a special appearance. The fluffiness, sleekness and sensation of the number of skins used can give a space the final touch. Sheepskin, cowhide and faux fur in a sitting area, bedroom, bathroom and living areas. We often use skin rugs atop a decorative area rug to serve as a break in pattern, this action also shows the contrast between a solid and pattern while offsetting ornamentation.


3.      Mongolian Lamb/ Faux Fur Pillows serve a similar feel to the skin rugs, the texture of the lamb and ostrich pillows portray a timeless, lustrous and smooth look for any space. I personally love to shake them and look at the flow of the garment move slowly from side to side. It reminds me of hair that flows with grace. In general it is a naturally fun pillow! Using these pillows can define a variety of looks and styles including fun, chic and playful. Perfect placement would be in the bedroom and living room in our advanced, premium and luxury stages.

4.      Mirror and Wall Art Groupings are most unique as far as the ability of freedom of placement and asymmetry. Circular, oval, rectangular, square, octagonal, even triangular shaped mirrors and art are the perfect wall layout in any bedroom, living room and dining room. This combination of art and reflection depicts an artistic and demonstrative visual for all to enjoy.




Post by Kiea Grant
Photos: Design2Sell



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