Staging the Modern Home: Tips & Tricks

Staging the Modern Home: Tips & Tricks

March 23, 2017 | Barbara's Blog

When a home is as strikingly modern in architecture and technology as this one, it basically sells itself.  Staging the interior becomes the icing on the cake that encourages prospect buyers to purchase. It accents the house’s inherent beauty and helps them truly envision themselves in the space.


Take a look at how much amazing the natural light is in this open space!

living area

A great part of this project’s final product was how the color scheme of the property’s exterior nicely transitioned into the interior décor. The modern and neutral color palette is perfect for this home, with the taupe, browns and shades of white. With only a few statement pieces of furniture and modest accessories, the décor further enhances the home’s modern character.

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The kitchen is definitely a property’s key selling component, so for this project it was important to highlight its modern features and technology. Because it’s open to the living room, the color palette also blends well into this space to make the overall area appear cohesive. You can see the elegant marble waterfall island is a huge trend in kitchens currently, and it leads the buyer’s curiosity to some of the other great things about this space.


balcony view

Another great quality about his house is the flexibility of space it has in some of its rooms. With sliding glass doors in the main living area, French door in the bedroom and garage door in the additional living space, the room automatically extends to the outdoors. It’s important to highlight advantages of the home, and show interested buyers how they can orient their furniture to maximize this opportunity!




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Post by: Jaslyn Brown
Images: Design2sell

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