Bringing Dimension to the Neutral Palette

Bringing Dimension to the Neutral Palette

May 5, 2017 | Barbara's Blog

Sometimes it’s better to utilize a neutral color palette when staging a home that’s open to range of personal preferences. Adding desaturated tones to the home’s blank canvas highlights the architectural features of the home that you’re ultimately aiming to sell. This isn’t to say that color is off-putting or should never be used, but you should carefully consider which colors work best and how much of it is appropriate to incorporate.


PRO TIP: It’s important to remember that the interior styling should first and foremost add character to the home, that reflects the demographics of the area in which it’s located! Be strategic in styling the home to sell the home by referencing the neighborhood’s personality.


The key to adding dimension with neutrals is all about contrast and variation. It’s important to have combine shades and tones, so that the overall space doesn’t go flat with a lack of depth. Observe how the property stylist used varying shades of brown to add interest to the space. The different undertones of the honey leather chairs, the coffee table’s wooden base and the hide rug are all at different levels of lightness in the value scale. Take a look at this helpful diagram to get a better illustration of value!


You’ll see in the ‘Values in Textures’ portion of the diagram that the values in the various elements of the space come together to add layers of depth and visual interest. Having a combination of lights, darks and shades in between is a major key to achieve a well-balanced neutral palette.

shades of brown 3

PRO TIP: When working with a neutral palette, the best pops of vibrant color come from greenery! Add some plants to give the space interest with natural beauty.


Who said playing with neutrals had to be boring anyway?

Post by: Jaslyn Brown
Images: Design2sell

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