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Trends in Design2Sell Home Staging


What are trends? How often do trends change? Which design trends are popular? How do trends affect home staging?

A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Trends go through various phases, beginning with popularity to fading away and then making a strong comeback in another era. This of course includes fashion, music, Interior Design and Home Staging. At Design2Sell the use of design trending is very important for each stage in regards to keeping the room updated, fresh, bold, colorful and fun. These top trends that we practice at Design2Sell and share publicly will surely grant you and your company insight on how and where it can be recycled in a space. The following are our top design trends that entail unique characteristics in each stage.

1.      Animal Prints evoke a barbaric and amusing emotion with the expression of lines and curves in each print. Using an animal print on a chair, ottoman/bench or even an end blanket for the bed brings about a fierce pop of character in any room. Zebra, cheetah, tiger and giraffe prints can be used in spaces such as libraries, bedrooms and living rooms but it is important not to overuse prints from one room to another, animal prints should only be used sparingly for example we may stage a living room with intentions of using a zebra print pillows within the space. Our sofa will be a solid color such as crème, gray or white from there 2 solid pillows such as black or even a blue or red pop of color along with the animal prints can be used on the sofa and in regards to cohesiveness use the same print in a rug and accessories or wall art.

2.      Skin Rugs express a soft, warm and cozy feel. It’s free form, asymmetrical outline shows the distinctive look which gives the space that it is used in a special appearance. The fluffiness, sleekness and sensation of the number of skins used can give a space the final touch. Sheepskin, cowhide and faux fur in a sitting area, bedroom, bathroom and living areas. We often use skin rugs atop a decorative area rug to serve as a break in pattern, this action also shows the contrast between a solid and pattern while offsetting ornamentation.


3.      Mongolian Lamb/ Faux Fur Pillows serve a similar feel to the skin rugs, the texture of the lamb and ostrich pillows portray a timeless, lustrous and smooth look for any space. I personally love to shake them and look at the flow of the garment move slowly from side to side. It reminds me of hair that flows with grace. In general it is a naturally fun pillow! Using these pillows can define a variety of looks and styles including fun, chic and playful. Perfect placement would be in the bedroom and living room in our advanced, premium and luxury stages.

4.      Mirror and Wall Art Groupings are most unique as far as the ability of freedom of placement and asymmetry. Circular, oval, rectangular, square, octagonal, even triangular shaped mirrors and art are the perfect wall layout in any bedroom, living room and dining room. This combination of art and reflection depicts an artistic and demonstrative visual for all to enjoy.


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Design2Sell’s S6: Mini Staging Service


What is an S6 you say? Design2Sell offers a Mini Staging Service (S6) where we transform 2 to 3 key areas in your property using existing furniture and accessories. Our team comes to the clients home De-clutter's personal accessories, reuses and readjusts artwork and furniture from one room to another. This will create a functional space that is less personal and more open for prospective home buyers to envision what they can do with the space once they move in. We as a team strive for greatness in all that we do and being that our goal is to help you sell your home, whether it’s an S6 or a full home staging install, just know that the outcome will entail purpose and consideration from a professional selling point. After this breakdown, you may ask yourself why are personal items disregarded? Wouldn’t that make the space less warm and inviting? To answer your question, no, not at all! Looking from a buyer’s perspective those items would be overall viewed as more of a distraction rather than a selling point. When buyers see family photos, degrees, collectibles, etc. they still see it as the seller’s personal space and therefore may not be able to foresee what they want for the space. Overall, a fresh and organized transition is what our team seeks in your home. One example from this particular family room, which will be used as a playroom as well. This room shows the clutter and impracticality that Design2Sell handles within every S6 experience. Starting with the derangement of the bookshelves ,which is also verified as the focal point, we generally use books, décor, and baskets to fill up shelving. In this case we used red and blue bins from the kids storage set to play off of the blue sofa that we took from one room and placed an oriental rug for texture and pattern to give the solid seating a pop. We also removed the beige sofa and recovered the futon with a solid, velvet navy blue slipcover. In addition, the side table was added to the coffee table as a multilevel table. A table was reused as a desk for the kids to complete projects and homework.





      Post By: Keia Grant Images: Design2Sell

What’s Old can be New at Design2Sell.


Lately at Design2Sell we have been really into revamping what we already have. We have done DIY projects as simple as spray painting a knight to recovering a folding blind.

Folding blinds can be a little out dated. This one that we had around the office has been sitting for quite some time and I decided that it was ready for a makeover. I went to a local wallpaper store and found some fun and inexpensive wallpaper and used modge podge to adhere it.

Folding Bling Before

Folding Bling Before


Folding Blind After

We have been really into painting or revamping art we have as well. Lead Designer, Lisa Uihlein, created this modern green art that was placed in one of her recent stages. The green in this room is perfect because of the large windows and really pops!

Revamped painting

Revamped painting

Here are just a few more examples of how we utilize what we already have to fit into our home staging properties.





Getting a paint job

Getting a paint job



  Post by: Allison Blankenship Images: Design2Sell

Design2Sell wins Two Distinguished Style Awards!

We are so pleased to have won the Distinguished Style Awards for both Interior Vacant Home Staging and Interior Occupied Home Staging from the Decorating & Staging Academy.  It was such a blast attending the DECO-Zone at Americas Mart. DSA_logo_horz_on_white_light_greg_copy_542416085 The DECO-Zone is an information packed two-day conference for decorating and staging professionals. Held at AmericasMart in downtown Atlanta, attendees learn from the DSA training team and take part in workshops and networking activities. Workshops were run by leaders in our industry including: Chip Wade from Ellen's Design Challenge, Curb Appeal,  Feng Shui with Margaret Innis, Color Backdrop with Sherwin Williams and Laurie Smith from HGTV to name a few. distinguished style award Awards were given to winners in 5 categories: Interior Redesigning/One Day Decorating, Home Staging Occupied, Home Staging Vacant, Color Transformation and Most Creative Idea. We are so pleased to be among the other winners in their respective categories. To learn more about the Decorating & Staging Academy visit their website here: The Decorating & Staging Academy.  

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Color Psychology

COLOR psychology

Did you know that colors can effect your mood?

Cool toned colors such as blues and greens make you feel calm and relaxed while warm tones such as red, orange, and yellow will make you feel more energized both physically and emotionally.

Using lighter tones of any color can make a room feel more spacious and airy. Darker tones often make a room feel smaller and can make you claustrophobic.

When decorating a room, think about how you want that room to make you feel.

Do you want your bedroom to feel more relaxed? – Stick to a cool or neutral color palette.

Do you want to feel awake and energized in the morning? – Try using accents of yellow or red.

Post By: Allison Blankship

Design2Sell: Revamp that Room

Revamp that room

Is it just me or does anyone else get completely bored with the furniture and décor they already have? If you are like me - then here are 5 great cost effective ways to revamp your items. Spray Paint- Let it become your new best friend. Spray painting a piece of furniture or even décor items can make a huge difference. It is super fast and easy to do and will leave you with completely transformed pieces.

Photo Jul 07, 1 26 20 PM

Change up your Pillows Maybe you want to give a room a new look, but you don’t have the time for a DIY. As simple as changing your pillows on your couch or bed can give you a whole new look. If you really want to save money, make sure the pillows you are buying have changeable covers. That way you can easily switch out pillows for different colors and patterns, without spending a lot of money and saving a lot of storage space. Add a Throw Blanket This is one of my favorite things to do. I have an entire shelf of just throw blankets because they are so versatile. They instantly make a room cozier. Slouch it over the back of your couch or lay flat at the foot of your bed.

Photo Jul 07, 1 26 08 PM

Rearrange It’s as simple as that. Rearranging furniture or décor can be one of the easiest tasks to help revamp your space. Change around your seating area, switch up the layout of a room. Play around with the space you are working with, it is surprising the difference furniture arrangement can make. Get Crafty! Change up the art of your walls. Try rearranging it to create a gallery wall. If you are feeling really crafty, make your own art! Create abstract or modern art easily with paint.           Post By: Allison Blankenship Photos: Design2Sell  

Design2Sell Intern Program: Our new Intern

intern program

Design2Sell Intern Program has offered Marketing and Interior Design positions over the years to both foreign and domestic candidates. We have been fortunate enough to have students come from as far away as Germany, France and Sweden and have interns from Canada and the United States as well. Design2Sell has recently added a new Staging/Interior Design intern to our team. We are so pleased to welcome Keia Grant to our team. Here is a brief intro to get to know her better..

staging intern

“Hello Everyone!

 My name is Keia Grant. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and currently reside South of Atlanta.I first attended Gordon College where I studied Art for 2 years and from there I attended Valdosta State University for 3 and a half years where I proudly received my BFA in Interior Design.I am above and beyond ecstatic to be blessed with the opportunity to work with Design2Sell for the next 6 months and eager to practice the wisdom that I have been given and use it in the best way possible. I am farther more eager to learn and grow during this new job experience by bettering my craft and knowledge. Hands on and shadowing participation is what I strive for as a designer in the real world and it all starts here with Design2Sell!”  - Keia Grant

Welcome Keia!!

  Post by: K. Cupid

Spring Color Trends

Each year Pantone chooses a color of the year, as well as what will be popular during the seasons. Not only are these color trends popular for fashion, but they are also implemented in interior design. The idea behind this spring 2016 color trend is vivid and bright colors that transcend gender norms and were inspired by urban vegetation. Typically Design2Sell's designs consist of a neutral palette with pops of color. We have been loving navy and mustard yellow which happens to be in almost every home décor store right now because they are on trend! color trends In this bedroom (Designed by Lisa Uihlein) we used the mustard yellow in the art as well as the pillows from West Elm as a pop of color in the overall very masculine room. Photo Jun 09, 8 54 08 AM A media room (Designed by Lisa Uihlein) also uses the mustard yellow and navy color as a pop of interest.   Post by: Allison Blankenship Photos: Design2Sell

Design2Sell for Phoenix Pass and HomeAid Atlanta

home aide intro pheonix pass

Design2Sell had so much fun assisting Home Aid Atlanta in dressing a home for a family in the Phoenix Pass housing community on Conyers, GA. Home Aid Atlanta, an organization that builds new lives for homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach, has partnered with Rainbow Village to help homeless families with children find refuge, recover and learn to rebuild their lives with the love and support of a community-based family surrounding them. Our Property Stylists Lisa Uihlein and Lisa Sisom pulled inventory from our warehouse along with making purchases to fully furnish one of eight Phoenix Pass unit apartments for a family in need. The Phoenix Pass complex will eventually accommodate up to 90 people at any given time, providing housing for up to two years along with case management, a mentorship program, life skills classes and aftercare programs. After participating in the Rainbow Village in stall last year, we were more than ecstatic to partner with Home Aid again this year. The touching stories we heard last year on how the program helps and continues to change families lives is the main reason why we love to donate to this program. It was such an honor taking part this summer and can't wait to help again next year. Here are some highlights from the installation..



High Point Market Fall 2015 recap

Design2Sell headed to High Point, North Carolina for Fall Market again this year to get a crash course in all things furniture, fabrics and design. Thousands of vendors exhibit the latest products and trends and there a ton of seminars and discussions to attend to inspire. It definitely is a must see event! We saw plenty of the predicted trends for this fall being reds, natural and organic materials, bold rich color and details, details, details! We visited many vendors including Bassett Mirror, Moe’s Home Collection and Loloi rugs just to name a few. We also were fortunate enough to meet Donny Osmand where we got an exclusive look at his Donny Osmond Home Collection which will be rolled out by Coaster Fine Furniture. Here’s a look at the highlights from our trip this season…

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