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E-decorating Services

Today’s world of technology enables us to connect despite distances. Connect with us about your staging or decorating concerns. Our services can be provided to you through a phone call. Snap pictures and we will have a look at them giving you ideas of changes and replacements.

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  1. “I’d like to thank Barbara with Design 2 Sell for her help in redesigning my family room. She did a wonderful job of using existing furniture and accessories to really bring the room together and provide that “wow” I’ve been looking for. Barbara made some great suggestions for additional items that I could consider and explained the why behind the suggestions. I love watching the shows on TV and wishing my home looked like the staged homes…. Design 2 Sell has made that wish come true. I’m telling all my friends not to wait until they’re selling their homes to call Design 2 Sell, they should call now and enjoy the miracles that Barbara can perform!”
    (Christy Chance – Marketing Manager)

E-decorating services