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Design2Sell’s S6: Mini Staging Service


What is an S6 you say? Design2Sell offers a Mini Staging Service (S6) where we transform 2 to 3 key areas in your property using existing furniture and accessories. Our team comes to the clients home De-clutter's personal accessories, reuses and readjusts artwork and furniture from one room to another. This will create a functional space that is less personal and more open for prospective home buyers to envision what they can do with the space once they move in. We as a team strive for greatness in all that we do and being that our goal is to help you sell your home, whether it’s an S6 or a full home staging install, just know that the outcome will entail purpose and consideration from a professional selling point. After this breakdown, you may ask yourself why are personal items disregarded? Wouldn’t that make the space less warm and inviting? To answer your question, no, not at all! Looking from a buyer’s perspective those items would be overall viewed as more of a distraction rather than a selling point. When buyers see family photos, degrees, collectibles, etc. they still see it as the seller’s personal space and therefore may not be able to foresee what they want for the space. Overall, a fresh and organized transition is what our team seeks in your home. One example from this particular family room, which will be used as a playroom as well. This room shows the clutter and impracticality that Design2Sell handles within every S6 experience. Starting with the derangement of the bookshelves ,which is also verified as the focal point, we generally use books, décor, and baskets to fill up shelving. In this case we used red and blue bins from the kids storage set to play off of the blue sofa that we took from one room and placed an oriental rug for texture and pattern to give the solid seating a pop. We also removed the beige sofa and recovered the futon with a solid, velvet navy blue slipcover. In addition, the side table was added to the coffee table as a multilevel table. A table was reused as a desk for the kids to complete projects and homework.





      Post By: Keia Grant Images: Design2Sell

Design2Sell for Rainbow Village and HomeAid

Photo Jun 12 11 12 00 AM

Design2Sell had so much fun assisting Home Aid Atlanta in dressing a home for a family in the Rainbow Village housing community. Home Aid Atlanta, an organization that builds new lives for homeless families and individuals through housing and community outreach, has partnered with Rainbow Village to help homeless families with children find refuge, recover and learn to rebuild their lives with the love and support of a community-based family surrounding them. We were fortunate enough to attend the ribbon cutting event where Rainbow Village opened its doors to the public. It was such a beautiful day that started with much gratitude from the Rainbow Village team and the Home Aid team to all the people who helped make this project possible. We even got to hear from Rainbow Village program graduate, Johanna, who shared her touching story on how the program helped and continues to change her and her family's life. Hearing her story really brought home why this program is profoundly special. Along with Rainbow Village and Home Aid representatives, Johanna got to cut a ribbon to The Rainbow Village community doors. From there, guests were finally able to see all the hard work that was put into building this community.

It was such an honor taking part in this cause. Here are some highlights from the installation and Ribbon Cutting ceremony..