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Home Staging For Realtors

“Barbara is exceptional at advising clients how to transform their space using the items the already have or items she identifies to be removed. She does a complete tour of the home including exterior and provides a clear report outlining what can be done to create a buyer friendly home that highlights the space’s best features. Here attention to detail and understanding of the clients needs make her a pleasure to work with.”
Hunter (Keller Williams)

Home Staging For Realtors

“My clients are always thrilled with her work, and the staging really makes the photographs “pop,” as well as adds excited for the buyers when they walk in the door for the first time. There are a lot of stagers out there, but it is very rare to find someone with the passion & professionalism exuded in Barbara’s work. If you need any other examples of her work, please do not hesitate to ask.
Chase Mizell (Sotheby’s)

Home Staging For Home Owners

“Barbara Heil-Sonneck is tops in her field of home staging! She is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of real estate (investing, flipping, staging), and can use the minimum amount of materials and dollars to get the maximum results in making a place look really great and function beautifully. Best of all, her sunny personality makes her a real joy to be around, and because I am very familiar with some of her work with non-profit groups, I know that she has a very sweet heart, too, always being of service to those less fortunate than herself. I would most highly recommend Design2Sell.”
Jackie Goodman (Atlanta Communities)

Home Staging Sells Homes

“Barbara is truly a miracle worker! I truly believe that Barbara’s expertise led to our home being sold! After having the house on the market for about 10 months we decided to have Barbara take a look at our home. She gave us great tips on how to stage our home better and how to cater to the emotions of potential buyers. It was amazing – the second showing after having our house staged resulted in an offer that led to the sale of our home. We both think that the staging did the trick.”
Aaron & Cory Holz (Homeowners)

Sell Your Home Faster With Home Staging

“The house looks fabulous…what a beautiful difference! I have some good news to share. We sent new pictures of the house to the realtor on Friday. A young couple looked at the house on Saturday (after looking at the pictures) and made us an offer on Sunday. The house would not have sold so quickly without the staging. Thank you!”
Patrice Skinner (Investor)

Home Staging Sells Homes In Atlanta

“Being a Realtor, I know how important staging and renovation can be in the Atlanta real estate market. Design2Sell is an excellent choice if you are considering not only selling, but need some renovations prior. They are professional and prompt and I always recommend them to my clients and co-agents!”
Lauren Stormont (Keller Williams)

Home Staging For Home Owners

“Design2Sell is an absolute joy to work with. They do superb staging and provide a stress-free service for their clients Their reliability, professionalism and enthusiasm are exceptional. Great work!”
Lourdes Gonzales (Homeowner)

Home Staging Professionals

“Barbara is the most energetic & creative lady I have come across. She is always coming up with brilliant ideas, has a very strong work ethic & connects very well with people from various backgrounds. She has not only been a good coworker, but more of a friend & a role model to me.”
Sucheta Rawal ( former Partner , Design2Sell)

Quick Home Sales With Home Staging

“In working with Barbara on a partnership venture in real estate, I have come to know her as an extremely organized and detailed individual. Her experience in real estate and her keen eye for features that sell, helped turn our property in the nicest house on the block! To anybody who is new to real estate investing, I would highly recommend partnering with Barbara. She will take you through a step-by-step process that is geared towards giving you the maximum educational benefit.”
Corina Wagner (V2K Window Decor & More)

Home Staging Simplifies Your Life Style

“I would like to recommend the services of Design2Sell. Barbara is very easy to work with – she listens to your input, and formulates a plan based on excellent design principles. I am so pleased with the way the staging turned out! Design2Sell had a great vision and brought the real charm, beauty, and class out of the house. The renovation coupled with the staging makes this home look like a million bucks and it is our best home to date. It was such a pleasure to work with people who had as much excitement and passion about the home as I did. Thank you for simplifying my life. I hope that we can continue to do this many more times in the future!”
Karen George (Investor)

Home Staging For Rental Properties

“I have watched Barbara decorate homes for sale and homes for rent. Using the photos of the decorated homes – be it for the purpose of selling the homes or renting – always produced very satisfying results. In terms of decorating for rental advertising: Her work definitely attracts better quality tenants.”
S.A. Philipp (Investor)

Home Staging Works In Slow Market Times

“Great work! We went from listing to a binding contract in 25 days! In this slow market this is incredible. Design2Sell helped us to sell!” I will use Design2Sell on my next Real Estate Investment Project.”
Lynn Fox (Real Estate Investor)