Bathroom Staging: Puppy Perspective

Bathroom Staging: Puppy Perspective

February 17, 2011 | Barbara's Blog


Meet Chance, a lovable energetic five month old golden retriever puppy. Chance has always had the run of the house, so he knows everything that goes on in his territory. Lately he has noticed a big change in his home and recently he has been quarantined to his crate in the family den. Smart puppy that he is, he realizes something must be going on in those bathrooms. He’s heard the lady of the house mention she’s ready to “stage.”

Patiently he waits while the transformation takes place. He realizes he could sneak a peek when his owners aren’t looking, but he decided to build his own anticipation. He really enjoyed the master bathroom, it is what the lady called “a dream bath.”  From his crate he can see items coming in and leaving out the front door. He suspects this will make the rooms look even better.

Finally! The time has come to explore. He waits impatiently, tail wagging as his owner opens the crate. Out like a shot he runs, around the house in search of the bathrooms. He stops just inside the first door, pokes his head around the corner and takes his first look at the new and improved baths. And what a sight it is!


After a close look around the house at the bathrooms Chance is in full agreement that staging has helped the bathrooms come alive even more. It amazing what adding accessories like plush towels, floral arrangements, candles and wall décor can do for the bathrooms. Although he doesn’t spend much time in these rooms, only at bath time, he believes the rooms look 100% better.

As he turns to leave the bathroom he hopes his owners will remember these small improvements in the next home they move to!  

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