Design2Sell Mid-Century Modern Design Series: PLANTS

Design2Sell Mid-Century Modern Design Series: PLANTS

October 18, 2013 | Barbara's Blog

Design2Sell’s take on Mid-century Modern Design Series includes Plants & Planters. Mid-century modern planters can be the perfect finishing touches to your modern patio and garden furniture, interior courtyard or even on your side table in your living room. This trend could be using clean, crisp, sweeping lines and sharp, geometric shapes with your planter and mixing materials to create a variety of texture. This can be done by using rock, grass, wood, and metal or crushed stone. When selecting plants for your pots it would be wise to pick water-wise plants as they maintain their foliage year- round and are usually easy to manage.  Design2Sell has put together some planter inspiration and suggestions on plants that could help achieve this look.

planters and plants


1. $580  2. Myurbanconcepts $160  3. ShopSteellife $225   4. Crate&Barrel $20-$80  5.  Etsy $ 38  6. HipHaven $150


Suggested Plants:


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