Mid-century Modern Design Series: ART

Mid-century Modern Design Series: ART

October 19, 2013 | Barbara's Blog

Design2Sell’s know the importance of using art to convey a mood and give personality to a space. Art will also be covered in our Mid-Century Modern Design Series.  It’s important that you pick a piece you like since usually our selection of art illustrates our tastes and can be one of the first things we notice when we enter a room.  We believe this quote holds true…

“When it comes to art, buy with your eyes, not your ears. I tried very hard not to ‘decorate’ with art. Art should be reflective of your personality and what’s going on in your head—not reflective of the colors of a sofa.”—Hotelier Jason Pomeranc


If you’re into contemporary art take a look at some of these pieces we found interesting.
Tell us what you think of them!



1.  Etsy $325  2.   Etsy $97+  3.   Horchow $500  4. Etsy $24  5.Overstock $39  6.  West Elm $199  


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