Small Enhancements- Big Impact: Faux Finishes

Small Enhancements- Big Impact: Faux Finishes

November 5, 2013 | Barbara's Blog

Design2Sell knows that sometimes adding significant details can really make a difference in the aesthetic of a home. It can add that extra flare you may be looking for and can also be cost effective. We know the perfect person whose expertise is faux finishes and decorative artistry in the Atlanta area.  Kass Wilson has been in the design industry for over 20 years and creates these beautiful and unconventional faux real finishes. She has worked with interior designers to add that extra spark to a home and her work has been featured in showrooms, galleries and a number of publications. Kass has also published her own book called Creative Finishes where she gives the reader tips and tricks on how to achieve these extravagant finishes she accomplishes so well. A must read for the creative individual!

Kass wilson logo

We take great pleasure in featuring Kass’s work in our design series Small enhancements- Big Impact: Faux Finishing. We will introduce you to some ideas on how faux finishes on certain surfaces can make a major impact to the look of your space, creating that “Wow” factor.

We begin the series with Fireplaces/Mantels.

Sometime fireplaces and mantels can be a real bore. By adding a finish to a stark white fireplace it can accent the room and give it some depth, taking your fireplace to a whole new level of unique.  By adding washes, texture techniques and accenting moldings, mantels can attain very different looks. Whether it is a contemporary, traditional or elegant look it all can be achieved.  Below are a few examples of how Kass used her artistry to transform ordinary white mantels into the extraordinary.

Kass wilson Mantel faux finishes

Images source: Kass Wilson

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