Sealing the Deal with Curb Appeal

Sealing the Deal with Curb Appeal

August 31, 2017 | Staging Tips

First impressions are everything, so why rely on second and third chances when you can take the opportunity to make the first one count? Curb appeal has been proven time and time again to be an impactful factor on home sales. No matter the neighborhood, shape or size, allowing a home’s charm to shine is an easy way to reel in tons of prospect buyers! It can be as simple as an inexpensive can of paint, some vibrant flora and maybe a rocking chair or two to add an extra layer of warmth that buyers love to see.

A huge trend for exterior paint recently has been incorporating neutral tones, like gray, taupe and desaturated blues and greens.

Take a look at the way this house brings together a variety of materials to create an appealing visual balance! You’ll notice that the style is overall rustic modern, with the Farmhouse doors and Tudor-inspired windows to give the house a contemporary English feel.

With the long walkway, the prospects can admire your hard work on their way to the front door- then take in the view of the neighborhood from this lovely front porch!

Another tried and true way to add some personality to your home’s façade is with a freshly painted colored door. Whether it’s a timeless red, fun yellow or shade of robin’s egg blue, it’s sure to turn some heads!

It’s always a great idea to add some color to your front yard, especially if you have a large tree blocking its visibility, and a monotonous color palette in the façade. Remember: if you have the yard space, you’ll want to make sure the landscaping is proportionate to your home’s scale, so that it doesn’t look unfinished. These homeowners had a great start with the plants lining the walkway and stepped terrace, but even a few inexpensive additions would’ve taken the curb appeal one step further!

We hope these insider tips were helpful, and wish you good luck in revamping your home’s curb appeal!


Written By: Jaslyn Brown
Images: Design2Sell

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