Phyllis Britton-Davis, Design2Sell’s Newest Team Member

Phyllis Britton-Davis

Phyllis Britton-Davis, Design2Sell’s Newest Team Member

May 25, 2018 | Blogs

As customers walk into a staged home, they see beautiful and unique pieces that tie the rooms together. It never crosses their mind as to how and why those particular pieces were chosen for that home. Anyone in the design industry knows it takes a diligent, creative and determined team to stage a home. Our entire team works together to ensure a smooth process, but there’s one person who has to manage the schedule. And with so many moving pieces (literally!), that can be quite a feat!

Phyllis Britton-Davis Brand-new to our company is our Operations Manager, Phyllis Britton-Davis. With a background in real estate and the residential building industry, Phyllis fills a vital and pivotal role here at Design2Sell. She is the person who maintains the schedule for several people, who has to deal with last-minute changes and who still has to pull everything together to make the project happen.

As the operations manager, Phyllis is responsible for managing the logistics, monitoring warehouse activity, keeping up with the designers and putting out fires as they arise. With a wide range of business and interpersonal skills, Phyllis is a hands-on leader who consistently takes initiative and effectively tackles the daily workload. Her day-to-day schedule varies and can change at any moment, which she favors because it keeps things exciting!

Mentor, problem solver, team player and a positive attitude are only a few characteristics used to describe Phyllis. “The most rewarding part of my job is the satisfaction of knowing my presence makes a positive difference in the happiness of our clients,” Phyllis stated. “My motivation is I have a desire to always to do my best and always try.”

Although new to the company, Phyllis has already seen her fair share of successful projects. “My favorite so far is a house on Coronado Drive,” she said. “Our staging enhanced the home while allowing the beauty of the architecture to come through.”

In her free time, Phyllis likes to go to the gym and spend time in the garden. Currently, she is fostering a very spirited and energetic standard poodle that requires a lot of love and attention.

Join us in welcoming Phyllis to the Design2Sell family! To learn more about our Operations Manager, Phyllis Britton-Davis, visit