Passion for Design Leads Melissa Piccirillo to Home Staging

Melissa Piccirillo, Design2Sell Senior Property Stylist

Passion for Design Leads Melissa Piccirillo to Home Staging

October 2, 2018 | Blogs

A career in interior design takes creativity, dedication and passion, among many other talents. Our Senior Property Stylist, Melissa Piccirillo, came to Design2Sell with a unique background in design and is thriving with her non-cookie-cutter styling and staging approach. With two-and-a-half years under her belt at Design2Sell, Melissa has mastered managing the staging process from beginning to end and the rapid project schedule that requires organization, tenacity and the ability to community well with others.

Melissa graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. “I have had a passion for design for as long as I can remember,” stated Melissa. “I had my own design/organization business for several years while staying home and raising my two daughters. I then decided to give staging a try, and was lucky enough to find Barbara Heil-Sonneck and Design2Sell.”

home staging project by Melissa Piccirillo

Our senior property stylists are responsible for managing the entire staging process, which includes initial client meetings, quoting, furniture and accessory selection, being an on-going client liaison and managing the installation process. Due to her background in design, Melissa is familiar with the day-to-day schedules of meeting with clients, taking photos, measurements and drawing floor plans. When moving over to the staging world, Melissa expected some of the same tactics but never anticipated to have the freedom to let her creativity flow.

“Getting the instant gratification at the end of a stage or even at the end of a long work day is completely new and what I absolutely love about staging,” exclaimed Melissa. “We have a huge warehouse filled with beautiful furniture and accessories. Barbara is great about giving us creative freedom with all of our stages. It is one of my favorite things about working at Design2Sell.”

The home styling industry has evolved in the last few years as the awareness and importance of styling the home has increased. Clients tend to opt for a more personalized look so that as potential buyers browse the property, they visualize themselves living a beautiful life in the home, spending lazy Sunday mornings in the bedroom, or cozy winter nights in the family room. “I’m a very visual person, so creating beautiful spaces and getting positive feedback from clients is so rewarding,” stated Melissa. Home staging is about evoking emotion and establishing connections with the buyers as they set foot inside the home. The aim is no longer to sell a beautiful architectural structure, but also a lifestyle.

home staging project by Melissa Piccirillo

With a creative and sophisticated style, Melissa is a self-motivated property stylist with a positive attitude. As she mentioned, “With any career comes challenges. One of the biggest challenges I often face is deadlines, schedules, and the fact that everyone wants things done ‘yesterday.’”  Her positive attitude shines through as she also noted that, “things always work out and the biggest challenges usually bring the greatest rewards.”

In her spare time, Melissa loves going to the gym, working in the garden and spending time with her daughters. While being a property stylist may sound glamorous, it is definitely not a job for the faint-hearted. “It is very rare to be in a career that you love,” stated Melissa. “I am very fortunate!”

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