Top Fall Decor Trends for Home

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Top Fall Decor Trends for Home

November 2, 2018 | Blogs

Move over spring selling season because the crisp magic of the fall real estate market is making a breezy, bountiful entrance! In the Atlanta area, we watch leaves explode in vibrant colors as for sale signs pop up in yards. The dropping temperatures make homeowners happy and relaxed, and it makes the curb appeal of homes dressed with pumpkins and mums while colorful leaves are scattered across the yard even more beautiful to many.

Scarecrows, pumpkins, hay bales, leaf wreaths and warm colors are always eye-catching and add a certain aesthetic to homes. When this enchanting season rolls around, the urge to redecorate always hits hard, which is one of the reasons we love seeing the top new trends for staging homes that appear in fall.

curved furniture in fall decor


The fall season’s colors, shapes and textures mimic and remind us of organic and natural materials. Our design project manager, Barbara Ader, says that curves are a top trend being used this season. No longer used for just sprucing up magazine pages or for homes of the rich and famous–the curved sofa is now a fall staple being used by many sellers. It’s the perfect statement piece to soften a room’s hard, angular lines and adds a natural and inviting shape to a room. Curved sofas are a perfectly chic solution to the cultural shift we are seeing with living rooms. It is a vintage-inspired way to open up a room with more seating and soften the space designed specifically for socializing.

modern rustic feel in a staged home

Modern Rustic

Barn and pallet wood galore is still very popular, but for the cooler months, the trend seems to fall more to raw, modern and rustic pieces. Aged wood, antique furniture, rough stone and natural textures all bring traditional design to modern homes. “This season, we are seeing a lot of sellers that are driven by a desire to use reclaimed things and embrace nature in design,” states Ader. Modern rustic style combines the lines of contemporary design with cozy accents to create a fresh take on primitive-inspired living.brass design elements used as a fall home decor trend

Gold and Brass Décor

“Brass and gold accessories match the color of the leaves changing,” explains our Junior Property Stylist Candace Moore. “Hang some gold picture frames on a wall and make a collage of family photos,” she says. “You can also add a small decorative gold pillow to match striped black and white pillows.” Gold and brass can add pizzazz to every room with their shimmering looks and shine that bounces light around the room, creating a larger, lighter appearance. To make a subtle statement in a room, Moore suggests using large brass candlesticks as a statement piece.

Mercury Glass Décor

Mercury glass has a vintage flair and subtle modern vogue that is making a comeback in home décor. Often used in displays on mantels and as part of an elaborate tablescape, mercury glass offers sophistication that isn’t overwhelming to a room. Moore suggests putting mercury glass candle holders on the dining room table where light from the candles can help create gold colors shining through the room.

mercury glass used in fall home decor trend

Bringing the hottest trends to your home will help keep your space relevant, which in turn makes your home sell faster! Cozy interiors, natural materials and mixed metals are just a touch of what this fall season has to offer the design world. For more tips and trends for home design and decor, visit us

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