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Using Bookshelves to Elevate Your Décor

By Candace Moore

Tired of your bookshelves being used for old dusty photo albums and random books? Well, let’s spice them up! Those random books can still be used, but incorporating stylish décor to compliment them can help transform an average bookshelf into one that is interesting and exciting to look at.

First off: Books! Books! Books!

Start off by adding three to six books on each shelf. It’s a good starting point, and you can play around with what looks best. Use the books as fillers and then bring the decor in. The books create the flow on the shelf, so try not to be repetitive by the stacking pattern. Using the same height books when stacking aesthetically pleases the eye. Another technique is flipping the book so the pages face you, giving a natural color tone. When you want to bring some color in, face the spine towards you and use a bright colored book.

Décor: appeal to the eye!

Some shelves do not always need books, so putting a larger piece of decor on the shelf will fill the space attractively. Greenery is a wonderful source of color and composition which also gives the bookcase some life. Decor can be used as a creative book end; like a larger heavier vase to keep the books stacked. Height is also important here. You want the eye to flow, so having different heights will help to achieve that. Adding a picture with a frame is a nice touch and a great filler that provides some color and pattern.


Texture gives the shelf some alluring factors. It’s easy to create a few different textures by providing some effortless decor. Using greenery will give it an organic edge. Pieces of wood decor will give it some rough texture. Chrome and or gold decor will polish the shelf up and make it shine!

Make sure to have fun while decorating your bookshelves and use pieces of decor that you love so you can admire them every day. Bring some books that have great memories or that you appreciate. That way it’s not only décor, but also accessible to pull down off the shelf and for a good read. For more tips and trends for home staging, visit us at

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