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Luxury Buckhead Home Staged and Ready to Sell

On 2796 Margaret Mitchell Drive in Buckhead sits a beautifully staged, for-sale home. Our Buckhead home staging team joined forces with award-winning Realtor Ben Hirsh to get this home ready for selling. Named the No. 1 Individual Realtor in Atlanta with all-time record sales by the Atlanta REALTORS® Association, Ben set out to sell this elegant home priced at $1.8 million. Of course, he called us at Design2Sell to help get the job done on this luxury Buckhead Home!

One of our favorite rooms we got our hands on was the master bedroom. To take advantage of the ample natural light in this room, we kept the space bright and open. Sticking to simple colors, we placed various whites and grays throughout the room. The headboard, carpet, chairs and other decorative accents all feature a light gray color, contrasted with the comforting whites included in the throw pillows, bedding and lamps. Small pops of color sit around the room including a fluffy pink throw pillow and a single abstract painting with purposeful glimpses of color.

The master bedroom leads out to a cozy back seating area. For this area, we brought in a matching wicker outdoor furniture set with crisp white cushions. We also added in a bright blue rug and a few throw pillows with more pops of navy and turquoise. This seating area is viewable throughout the many windows leading into the main house. Because of this, we wanted to make sure everything flowed seamlessly in this luxury Buckhead home staged to sell.

Moving into the living room, we created a modern area in this beautifully staged home using geometric patterns and shapes. The black and white throw pillows display sharp lines and shapes similar to the gray and white area rug. Other geometric accents lay in the unique metal end tables, armchairs with stiff, straight lines and the abstract wall art. The main colors used in the living room are black and white, while small accent colors help draw contrast through pops of gold and green.

Home staging is a crucial step in any home selling process. That’s why it is so important to come to the experts at Design2Sell to get the job done. Our design team is always up for the challenge and loves tackling any home staging project. To learn more about our services or to see our past projects, visit You can also call 678-505-1433.

You can also find out more about this luxury Buckhead home staged for sale here.

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