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Technology: Moving Home Staging Forward

Technology is advancing nearly every part of our lives, and the home staging world is no exception. In practically every field, there are new websites, machines and technology that make our days even just a little bit easier. At Design2Sell, the same goes for us! We have incorporated a variety of websites and apps that help make us more efficient at our job. Here are four of the new websites and apps that we are using:


Organization is a huge key to success here at Design2Sell. With so many moving pieces – literally and figuratively – finding a way to keep our projects and inventory organized was a necessity. With Trello, we can create boards, lists and cards to help our team stay up-to-date and organized. On top of an aesthetically pleasing design, Trello allows us to create different “teams” where we can include due dates for projects, checklists and comments. Anyone within the team can edit and add their own updates, which makes Trello act as a hub for information. The platform is easy-to-use and has several capabilities within the site that we use to communicate and plan at the project level.

Microsoft Teams

We would be nothing without our team, which is why Microsoft Teams is so important to our day-to-day functions. This platform allows for screen sharing, team meetings and video chat, and instant messaging. The team channel function makes communicating easy across teams allowing multiple people to see live updates. It also allows the ability to message and call employees directly. Each team channel also has its own storage option and automatically saves files and important documents.


Budgeting and expenses can often become tedious, but with QuickBooks, we are able to keep track of our day-to-day transactions, invoices, bills and cash flow. Being able to see all the information laid out in a one-stop location helps us stay organized and up-to-date financially. It also saves us tremendous time by making our invoicing process seamless, and makes it easier for our clients who know what to expect when it comes to receiving bills.

Measured App

For IOS users, this measuring app is extremely handy, especially in our line of work. Instead of carrying around several different measuring tools, measuring is made simpler with this app. It allows us to take measurements of different spaces or objects through the lens of your mobile device. This app also has the capability to send these measurements with ease to another cellular device. This makes communication between the design team much easier now that they can send exact measurements back and forth without taking any excess time!

We are thankful that technology has advanced and has made a huge impact in our day-to-day business. With technology evolving every single day, we are learning new ways to help make Design2Sell even better! For more information on our Atlanta home staging services, visit

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